Taking Care of Ourselves: It’s Not Selfish!


take_care_of_yourself_mediumMore than a few of my friends have told me that one of their commitments this year is to do better in the area of self-care.  It’s not news that women, especially women with families, are more likely to put others before themselves.  Anyone with an inkling of feminist awareness has long known that self-sacrifice is one of the feminine virtues. Sometimes we dress it up as “nurturing.”

Call it what you will, it means that many women need to actively assert themselves to draw lines around the time they protect for self-care. I consider this a significant feminist issue because it has an disproportionate impact on women.  And one area that goes by the wayside when we’re feeling pressed for time and pulled in lots of directions is physical activity.

I see this tendency towards guilt in myself sometimes when I’m trying to schedule my activities.  In the fall…

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